LG’s Signature OLED TV is 4K Ready and 2.5mm Thick

Imran Hussain, Reporter


South Korean giant LG Electronics, one of the industry leaders in electronic innovation, recently unveiled its impressive Signature OLED TV to the attendees at the CES 2016 tech conference in Las Vegas.

It boasts a contrast ratio which only a select few other televisions can compete with and offers full support for both 4K and the new HDR format which has been creating quite the buzz among industry insiders.

Although all this is impressive, what makes LG’s TV revolutionary is that it can do all of this whilst being only 2.57mm thick. Its thickness can be compared to a few credit cards stacked together.

For consumers the showcase of LG’s technology was very exciting to see and an indication of what may be found in their living rooms in years to come.

January 12, 2016