AI Controlled Sony Earpiece Unveiled

As all of the phone manufacturers attempt to outdo each other at this year’s edition of the Mobile World Congress, one entry has made significant waves among the attendees.

Sony has brought to the table an innovative ear piece which promises to listen to you when no one else will. Designed to operate as a kind of AI powered virtual assistant, the Xperia Bluetooth ear piece connects wirelessly to your mobile and will whisper in your ear upcoming events, notifications, etc. depending on which settings you choose.

Unlike most people, the ear piece also does more than just talk. It has the ability to listen to questions the user asks and will respond to the best of its ability using its connection to all of the data available on internet search engines.

Although at the moment it is only capable of staying operational for 3 hours usage before requiring a recharge, Sony are confident this is more than enough usage time than most people will require. If you do happen to use up the 3 hours and find yourself suddenly lonely without your ear seated companion, the carry case that comes with it can be used to recharge it on the move.

The Xperia earpiece is scheduled for release in Summer 2016. For those who spend too much time staring at their phone screens, this latest development from Sony will come as a welcome enhancement to their lives.

February 23, 2016