MIT To Launch Minor in Innovation

With the demand for the next ground-breaking innovations continuing to rise, the prestigious American MIT university has announced it will be offering a Minor in a Entrepreneurship & Innovation for their undergraduates. Previously, only graduate level students had access to courses which specialized in the area but now all who enroll will be able to get their fix of studies in how to produce the innovations of the future.

MIT’s decision to offer such a course reflects the high importance which innovation is afforded by those in academia and business. With the battles of the future being battles of sustainable resources, clean energy and climate control, perhaps now more than ever innovations are necessary in order for our society to move forwards.

Steve Haraguchi, Executive Director of MIT’s Innovation Initiative, said of the course: “It’s about assessing, refining and deploying solutions to solve a meaningful problem… That’s a very different question than defining your organization.” 

The hope is that such a course will help develop the ability to problem solve in order to better face the challenges mentioned above. As the solution to these problems is not written in a textbook anywhere, it will require the next influx of students to write the textbook themselves, and this is what the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course aims to help them with.

April 14, 2016