World Innovation Convention Coming To Berlin In December 2016

Hugely Popular, Most Acclaimed and Highly Influential Event

World Innovation Convention Berlin

6-9 December 2016
We are excited to write to you and tell you all about the World Innovation Convention. To be held December 6-9 2016 in Berlin, Germany, the WIC represents a valuable opportunity to interact and engage and collaborate with most influential innovators and thought leaders from around the world. Our continuous journey for 7 years in search for excellence has turned our platform for innovation leaders into the highly acclaimed and hugely popular conferences globally; it has become the industry reference in delivering practical and actionable insights. The inherent value of a WIC comes from the chance to meet and greet directly with businesses who have delivered a long and sustained record for innovation throughout their history. From MasterCard to McLaren, Coca Cola to IBM, Sony Music to Philips. Giants of industry and ingenuity shall be on hand to showcase how they use their long term and solid platform for growth to propel their brands into the future. Alongside this, the WIC shall also feature OI Engine by IDEO, Lego, UNICEF, Tom Tom, Vodafone, and numerous other brands who will detail their experiences of navigating in the future, and their aspirations and plans for growth in a new era of fast changing technology. In sum, the WIC is an investment in interaction and close engagement with innovators and industry leaders from within Europe and around the world. The four inspiring days of conference are totally dedicated to transforming strategies, how to get funding for your projects, identifying challenges, problem solving, design thinking, project management and how to become an innovation leader is giving you the opportunity to take the leap into the future.

Format is diverse and engaging with lots of interactive sessions.

  • Thought provoking keynotes by leaders
  • Industry sessions delivering in-depth intelligence
  • Story telling caters to building brand experiences
  • Digital transformation landscape
  • Play session is designed to maximize creativity
  • Outdoor and Indoor collaboration
  • Certification
The core value of the WIC experience is built upon three principles; innovation, practicality, proof. WIC shall celebrate those who had time and time again generated new ideas and innovations that have been industry leaders. At the same time, it shall detail and explain in-depth the practical aspects of innovation, how it is done day by day, and how an idea progresses towards an outcome. Accordingly, the WIC shall offer concrete case studies and foundational examples of how ideas and ingenuity have delivered landmark innovations. It shall do so with numerous industry-leading speakers, innovation thought leaders, think tanks, brand ambassadors, designers, experts and many more. Proudly held in the city of Berlin, the WIC shall also offer attendees the chance to engage directly ‘on the ground’ with the German, European, and wider international innovation community. As the largest city in Germany, the second largest metropolis in the European Union, and a veritable hub of culture, design, and style and start-ups, the WIC and its host city offers an unforgettable and truly essential experience for all who aspire to lead anew the next era of innovation in business. Further details about the WIC can be found here –



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June 28, 2016