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Organisation  Berytech
Type Innovation Centre
Address Mar Roukoz
Country Lebanon
Phone +961 453 30 40
Profile Manager krystel khalil


In this era of knowledge-based economy in which innovation, technology and entrepreneurship are considered to be essential elements to foster faster economic growth, the mission of Berytech is to provide support and growth to the largest number of project holders as well as growing enterprises operating in the fields of Technology, Multimedia and Health.

Incubator & Business Development Center
Berytech offers the right environment for entrepreneurs for the creation and development of startups and SMEs, through incubation, business support, networking, mentoring, funding and company hosting in a dynamic and vibrant environment.

Mission driven for a better economy
Berytech’s core mission is to stimulate innovation, foster an entrepreneurial community and support economy through job creation and retaining talents in Lebanon.

Initiated in 2001 by Saint-Joseph university
Berytech manages 3 business development centers, in strategic locations, as well as the Beirut Creative Cluster empowering creative industries in Lebanon. Berytech also offers a Venture Capital Fund for technology and innovative companies, opening up new financial opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Recognized internationally

Member of the European Business Network, Berytech was the first in the region to receive the EU accreditation as a Business Innovation Center (BIC), opening up access to international networks.

Strategic partners, networks and shareholders
Berytech joined forces with a number of partners and stakeholders to service the interests of entrepreneurs adding value, networks connections, resources and opportunities to community members while covering several areas of expertise including strategy, technology, finance, marketing, innovation and more.