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h2020 manuals

Our mission is to help more great ideas succeed by sharing our Horizon 2020 knowledge and know-how through several tools that help applicants prepare excellent proposals and guide them through the entire application process.

Our experience shows that a great idea is not enough to win the H2020 funding. An excellent project proposal is essential. Most of the winning proposals use similar writing approach, formation and tricks that allow them to be assessed fast and earn exceptional evaluation scores. On the other hand, most of the rejected proposals fail to deliver the right information, contain fatal mistakes or drop out essential but not obvious elements that are critical for success.
The tools for both phases of SME instrument are already available and include:

– guidebooks with step-by-step guidelines for writing and designing a winning proposal, supported with practical examples and best practices,

ready to use proposal templates, which include built-in elements (visuals, diagrams, tables), that are essential for a positive evaluation,

– self-assessment tools, allowing real-time evaluation of project idea’s compliance with the actual evaluation criteria and offering instant feedback for improving the proposal’s quality,

– proposal clinics, offering 1-on-1 consultations for identifying project’s shortcomings and practical suggestions for improvement.

Our tools are much more than than mere collection of official and non-official information available online. Every information is supported with valuable insights from experienced evaluators and best practice examples. There is no unnecessary theory. Our tools include practical and useful secrets, not available anywhere else. Authors of the manuals explain in simple and jargon free language what are the elements of the winning proposals and what are the biggest mistakes of rejected proposals. You will save valuable time and costs, that would be otherwise allocated to alternative solutions, such as heavier engagement of your in-house resources or  expensive consulting services.

We are an international team of experts with years of direct and hands-on experience in EU funding and have successfully consulted, cooperated, evaluated and managed several EU projects.

Even though we for now focus on the SME Instrument, we plan to expand to other areas of H2020 in the near future. Keep in touch and stay informed about our upcoming publications.