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Welcome to UU Innovation – part of Uppsala University

Knowledge and research at Uppsala University is to create value in society. To stimulate and facilitate the healthy performance is just what the UU Innovation’s mission is all about.

Our aim and responsibility is to provide support to the development of innovations for a better world. For all.

By giving researchers advice and support for commercialization, collaboration and contacts with companies and organizations, we are working to new products, services, techniques or processes will benefit society.

We are constantly working to increase knowledge sharing and collaboration between Uppsala University and the business community, public sector and civil society.

As Uppsala University’s designated body for accelerating the impact of its research and realising its benefits, we pave the way for business and industry collaboration. We focus innovative forces, not only to commercialise new business concepts but also to boost human resources and social capital so that society at large also profits.

On a daily basis, we help researchers and students transform research findings into successful new products, services, methods and companies. This includes advice and support on business development, financing and intellectual property rights. Moreover, we support researchers in developing ideas through collaboration with companies, the public sector and the civil society – all the way from an initial meeting to concrete cooperation.

In fact, much of our work deals with bringing together different skills. We are convinced that the interplay between academia, industry and society is the best place to create innovations, and we are continually working to facilitate such knowledge exchange.

We also assist the Uppsala University management in strategic issues concerning collaboration and knowledge exchange activities. This includes help in setting up and managing the university’s strategic alliances with companies and organisations.

Competence and network
The UU Innovation team consists of skilled innovation support officers. Project management, business development, financial support and intellectual property rights are just a few of our areas of expertise. Many of our employees have a postgraduate education combined with several years of experience in management positions outside the university. UU Innovation’s operations are led by Pirkko Tamsen.

UU Innovation has close links to UU Holding AB, which is the university’s holding company. We are two separate organisations but work as one team to support innovative initiatives from the university’s researchers and students. Through the holding company, Uppsala University can work operationally to bring new innovations to the market, by becoming the part-owner of research-based companies or helping to license research results to established companies.

Furthermore, UU Innovation is part of the larger innovation support system that is at work in Uppsala. This network of complementary players includes e.g. Uppsala Innovation Centre that was rated the world’s 10th best business incubator, and Europe’s 5th best incubator, with a university connection by UBI Global in 2015.

If you would like to be part of this synergy, or simply want more information, contact us.