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Thomas Edison once said “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t”. In the 21st Century, more than ever, these words must ring true to us. 25 years ago, most people even in developed societies were passive computer users at best – now we all walk around with them in our pockets.

How did we get this far? Quite simply, through innovation. From Da Vinci’s prototypes to Galileo’s telescope right through to Tim Berners Lee’s invention of the internet, individuals have always strived to innovate. Certain mavericks have had the good sense to realise that markets and industries need to be in a state of constant evolution if, indeed, the wheel’s revolutions are to turn.

Innovation Today is the publication that connects innovative SMEs with global organisations, from academia to investors. Covering innovations in various sectors, the publication caters for European SMEs “going global” at Phase 2 and 3 funding levels. Thomas Edison was right. Innovation Today is concerned with celebrating SMEs across Europe that exhaust possibilities and indeed themselves in search of creating something truly innovative, today.