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A Spoonful of Sugar – Shraddha Sisodia, R&D Tax Consultant at Ayming UK

Many drinks companies will be forced to change their products in response to the Chancellor’s new sugar tax. Shraddha Sisodia, R&D Tax Consultant at Ayming UK explores why this is such a tricky undertaking, and how manufacturers will need to make full use of R&D tax reliefs in order to offset the investment costs. One […]


The calm before the storm – the risk of ransomware in UK healthcare

Written by Ellen Derrico, Senior Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, RES   “The calm before the storm – the risk of ransomware in UK healthcare Ransomware is an undeniable danger to hospitals, and in turn, to peoples’ lives. In 2015, the healthcare industry was attacked more than any other sector with notable targets including hospitals in California, […]


Intellectual property: adding value, creating growth

Written by Keith Jones: Awareness and understanding of intellectual property (IP) is a fundamental driver to growth. The way you create, protect, commercialise and regenerate your ideas is what will set you apart from the competition and give your business an edge. The first step is building a strong, effective and lasting IP portfolio. And […]


Africa: The next frontier for digital innovation

By:  Professor Barry Dwolatzky, Director: Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University, Johannesburg The digital economy thrives on innovation. For half a century a seemingly inexhaustible stream of new products, devices and systems based on digital technology has impacted almost every sector of the economy and human endeavor. Established industries have been transformed, […]


Colour Breathing Disks Provide Breakthrough For Mental Health

White Paper – A new Mental Health Intervention and Technology Innovation for improving patient access to behavioral health, wellbeing and prevention programs delivering measurable outcomes.  Written by Alison Bourne    Mental health is a global issue and of growing public health concern. Poor mental health and lack of any appropriate provision can exacerbate anxiety, depression […]