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World Innovation Convention Coming To Berlin In December 2016

Hugely Popular, Most Acclaimed and Highly Influential Event World Innovation Convention Berlin 6-9 December 2016 We are excited to write to you and tell you all about the World Innovation Convention. To be held December 6-9 2016 in Berlin, Germany, the WIC represents a valuable opportunity to interact and engage and collaborate with most influential […]


Apple to Remove Major Component for iPhone 7?

Luke Cloherty, Editor Apple, the World’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer by sales, could be about to remove a key component from the hardware for its next iPhone by ditching the headphone jack. Rumours abound that the software behemoth is to leave out the 3.5mm jack for its next mobile release, the iPhone 7, and the […]


Twitter to Scrap 140 Characters Limit?

Luke Cloherty, Editor Social media giant Twitter may be set to scrap the innovative niche that has helped make it so successful by ditching its 140 character limit. The debate over the 140-character limit has dragged on for years, with as many arguing for as against. However, the company is struggling and the rumor that Twitter will move […]