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Statement From Brussels, 29 June 2016

1. We, the Heads of State or Government of 27 Member States, as well as the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission, deeply regret the outcome of the referendum in the UK but we respect the will expressed by a majority of the British people. Until the UK leaves the EU, EU […]


Cisco To Open New Innovation Centre in Manchester

Manchester is going to be home to a new innovation centre from Cisco, which focuses on developments concerning the internet of things, smart cities, creative digital technologies and healthcare. It is being built in order to offer companies a tailored program which is aimed at growing and developing their products/services/technologies once they have completed their […]


MIT To Launch Minor in Innovation

With the demand for the next ground-breaking innovations continuing to rise, the prestigious American MIT university has announced it will be offering a Minor in a Entrepreneurship & Innovation for their undergraduates. Previously, only graduate level students had access to courses which specialized in the area but now all who enroll will be able to […]


Innovation Benefits For China’s Academic Bodies

With China currently facing a bit of an economic slump relative to the growth it had previously enjoyed, it is offering increased financial incentives for academics and small research bodies to help increase innovation in science and convert them into products with financial fruition. In a move which favors universities and research bodies, China’s State Council has […]


Welsh Higher Education Cuts Threaten Research and Training

Imran Hussain, Reporter The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) has voiced its concerns regarding proposed budget cuts for higher education by the Welsh government after examining the latest draft budget. It has claimed that the cuts proposed would put many higher education courses at risk. The cuts would also lead to a massively reduced funding […]


EU-Funded ESMERELDA Biodiversity Project in Initial Stages

Luke Cloherty, Editor   EU-funded project ESMERALDA is developing a range of tools, working mechanisms and data for the assessment of biodiversity and related societally beneficial resources in Europe including drinking water provision, food, air and recreation, according to the European Commission. The EC site says “A reduction in biodiversity could affect Europe’s economic health and its […]


Nesta Publishes New Social Innovation Book

Luke Cloherty, Editor UK body Nesta has published a new book with Palgrave, which contains a wealth of important chapters written by leading academics based around the world. According to the writer of the book’s introduction, Geoff Mulgan, it “challenges, in a highly constructive way, many of the rather tired assumptions of the London media/political elite of […]