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London’s Burning

This week marks the arrival of the London Burning’s festival. Set to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, the festival will run between the 30th and 4th of September. Commissioned by the Artichoke Festival in order to explore the ways in which the Great Fire of London impacted the city and […]


LG’s Signature OLED TV is 4K Ready and 2.5mm Thick

Imran Hussain, Reporter   South Korean giant LG Electronics, one of the industry leaders in electronic innovation, recently unveiled its impressive Signature OLED TV to the attendees at the CES 2016 tech conference in Las Vegas. It boasts a contrast ratio which only a select few other televisions can compete with and offers full support for both […]


Apple to Remove Major Component for iPhone 7?

Luke Cloherty, Editor Apple, the World’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer by sales, could be about to remove a key component from the hardware for its next iPhone by ditching the headphone jack. Rumours abound that the software behemoth is to leave out the 3.5mm jack for its next mobile release, the iPhone 7, and the […]


New Kolibree Toothbrush Combines Oral Health and Gaming

Luke Cloherty, Editor The tedium of brushing one’s teeth may finally be over, thanks to a truly innovative toothbrush recently showcased at CES Unveiled. The Kolibree toothbrush manages to combine good oral health and a video game in one. The brush itself looks much like any other, but open the app while brushing and you’ll see that […]


Nesta Publishes New Social Innovation Book

Luke Cloherty, Editor UK body Nesta has published a new book with Palgrave, which contains a wealth of important chapters written by leading academics based around the world. According to the writer of the book’s introduction, Geoff Mulgan, it “challenges, in a highly constructive way, many of the rather tired assumptions of the London media/political elite of […]