New Kolibree Toothbrush Combines Oral Health and Gaming

Luke Cloherty, Editor

The tedium of brushing one’s teeth may finally be over, thanks to a truly innovative toothbrush recently showcased at CES Unveiled. The Kolibree toothbrush manages to combine good oral health and a video game in one.

The brush itself looks much like any other, but open the app while brushing and you’ll see that the real fun is onscreen.

A series of games that task the end user with brushing their teeth for the right amount of time and in all the right places are available to play during the daily chore.

The better one gets at brushing, the more esteem one has in the game. Kolibree has a number of simple games currently, but has entered into a new partnership with video game publisher Ubisoft to create even more responsive, graphic and gameplay driven experiences.

Children’s characters Raving Rabbids encourage the end user to brush properly and in return compete in a race, in which the Rabbids themselves carry out various mischievious ploys.

As reported on the Huffington Post, “It seems too simple to work, but even in the hot and stuffy confines of the conference centre, Kolibree’s Vice President Christophe Dissaux made it look incredibly addictive”.

It’s a product that will no doubt delight oral hygenists, dentists and healthcare bodies alike as it will surely entice both children and adults to get into the bathroom and make sure their gums and teeth are in perfect order.

January 6, 2016