Nesta Publishes New Social Innovation Book

Luke Cloherty, Editor

UK body Nesta has published a new book with Palgrave, which contains a wealth of important chapters written by leading academics based around the world. According to the writer of the book’s introduction, Geoff Mulgan, it “challenges, in a highly constructive way, many of the rather tired assumptions of the London media/political elite of both left and right”.

It contains an essay by Roberto Mangabeira Unger, one of the World’s most important contemporary intellectuals and Professor of Law at Harvard University. Unger is a philosopher and political theorist, author strategy minister in the Brazilian government and President Barrack Obama’s former teacher at University.

Unger argues that a radically different way of thinking about politics, government and social change is emerging that has either not been noticed by many political leaders, or has been somewhat misinterpreted. He notes that systematic experimentation is a faster way to solve problems than clever authorship of pamphlets, white papers and plans and that societies have the potential to be far more active agents of their own future than we may at first assume.

January 5, 2016