Twitter to Scrap 140 Characters Limit?

Luke Cloherty, Editor

Social media giant Twitter may be set to scrap the innovative niche that has helped make it so successful by ditching its 140 character limit.

The debate over the 140-character limit has dragged on for years, with as many arguing for as against. However, the company is struggling and the rumor that Twitter will move away from 140-character tweets keeps coming back more fervently.

It was first announced that Twitter was experimenting with tweets longer than 140 characters in September and many have waded in since with more rumours. Many across tech, business and the media have been calling for its demise, yet others have countered that any change to the character limit changes the very essence of Twitter itself. Certainly, the 140-character cutoff has contributed to making Twitter unique and addictive for many end users.

Ultimately, if the rumours that have abound across the web this morning are true – with The Times, Venture Beat and and wrath of others breaking the story in the past 24 hours – Twitter will be a very different social platform. It could well be a controversial move and no doubt more is to come on this.

January 6, 2016