New 4G World Record Set For Mobile Speed That Isn’t So Mobile

A new world record has been set for the world’s fastest 4G mobile internet speed. According to Finnish firm Elisa, it has achieved a 1.9 gigabyte per second speed using Huawei technology. Currently, the United Kingdom and Sweden hold the title when it comes to the fastest 3G and 4G mobile speeds but it seems Finland has fast become serious competition. The new record breaking benchmark has been set with the help of technology powered by Chinese network and telecommunications giant Huawei, and could potentially allow real-world 4G mobile users to download a Blu-Ray film in just 40-45 seconds. Last February, a team of researchers from the University of Surrey achieved a record-breaking speed of 1 Terabit per second, during an assessment of 5G wireless data connections. These hyper-fast speeds are over 500 times faster than Elisa’s 4G speed.

In June last year, The International Telecommunications Union decided that 5G internet providers will have to provide a definitive data speed of up to 20 gbps, a speed which is still 10 times faster than Elisa’s 4G speeds. As it stands the fastest 4G mobile broadband subscription available has speeds of up to 300Mbps, while the maximum feasible speed on a real-world Elisa live network is 450 Mbps.

Sami Komulainen, Vice president at Elisa said:

“The speeds that the 4G network offer are continuously increasing and, possibly in the next few years, we will even be able to offer mobile data connections of several gigabits per second to our customers”.

Despite this, Elisa is not the first telecommunications company who plan to offer at least 1Gbps on 4G networks within the next three to four years. VodaFone Germany has also made preparations to provide 1Gbps to 4G networks by the end of 2016.

Contributor: Candy Lebby

August 31, 2016