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A Spoonful of Sugar - Shraddha Sisodia, R&D Tax Consultant at Ayming UK

Many drinks companies will be forced to change their products in response to the Chancellor’s new sugar tax. Shraddha Sisodia, R&D Tax Consultant at

The calm before the storm – the risk of ransomware in UK healthcare

Written by Ellen Derrico, Senior Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, RES   "The calm before the storm – the risk of ransomware in UK h

Intellectual property: adding value, creating growth

Written by Keith Jones: Awareness and understanding of intellectual property (IP) is a fundamental driver to growth. The way you create, protect, commercialise and regenerate your ideas is what wil

Africa: The next frontier for digital innovation

By:  Professor Barry Dwolatzky, Director: Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University, Johannesburg The digital economy thrives on innovation. For half a century a se

Colour Breathing Disks Provide Breakthrough For Mental Health

White Paper - A new Mental Health Intervention and Technology Innovation for improving patient access to behavioral health, wellbeing and prevention programs delivering measurable outcomes.